• Stone Cladding Interior Design Inspiration

    Stone cladding is not a new product but it is one that can completely alter the look and appearance of your home. If you feel as though your home needs something new and different then stone cladding is all that you need. So, we have some top stone cladding ideas that are designed to inspire you and help you find the look you want.
  • The Real Benefits of Stone Cladding

    We think that everyone should understand the real benefits of stone cladding because we know how good it really is. It is versatile, good looking and can replace many other kinds of cladding options around the home as well as paint and wallpaper. So, if you are considering stone cladding, it can help to understand the benefits.
  • Using Stone Cladding in Your Home - 5 Ways to Use It

    We have seen our stone cladding used in many different ways and this ranges from homes to external projects and commercial buildings, not forgetting many other areas. The real beauty of using our high-quality cladding is the versatility and flexibility that it offers but they are ideal for use inside the home. So, we are going to look at five ways in which you can use our stone cladding around the home and get inspired to make a change at the same time.
  • All You Need to Know About Stone Cladding

    You might have heard about stone cladding but are you really up-to-speed with what it actually is? If you are in the process of improving the look and design of your home then you might find that you are looking for a unique way to make your property stand out. Whether this is inside or outside of the home, it does not matter because stone cladding is extremely versatile and provides a wealth of possibilities. However, have you ever stopped to wonder what it is, how it works and how it could improve the look of your home?
  • Installing Stone Cladding? Don’t Forget the Stone Sealer!

    We are all aware of the way in which stone can be extremely resistant and hard-wearing while it can withstand extreme temperatures, UV rays and more. However, when it comes to installing your stone cladding, there is no use in assuming that all will be good because you need to make sure that you protect this wonderful product.
  • Five Reasons to Choose Stone Cladding

    A home is a place that we call our own and it is a place that we take immense pride in which is why many of us spend time making them look beautiful. If you are looking at ways of enhancing your home then you might be thinking about stone cladding. If this is the case, why should you choose it and what can it offer?
  • Modern Homes With an Authentic Twist - Step up Stone Cladding!

    Stone cladding is growing in terms of popularity and this is because it is on trend and really makes a statement. They add an authentic look to any home, shop or office and that makes it possible to blend old with new.

    We have a wide range of stone cladding options that can be used when it comes to external restoration jobs as well as any renovation jobs around the home

  • Stone Cladding Really Will Transform your Home

    Stone cladding is a natural product and that means that it retains that timeless beauty which consists of natural textures, colour variations and shadings. In fact, our products are so good that you will never be able to tell between original stone walls and those that have been clad with our product.
  • Stone Cladding For Bathrooms

    For many, the bathroom is nothing more than a space where you wash, use the toilet and then forget about it but it doesn’t have to be like that. If you change your perception of your bathroom, you will soon see that it is an integral part of the home while it could be considered a sanctuary. After all, it might be the place where you take relaxing showers or kick back and unwind in the bath. Whatever it might be, the design of your bathroom can either make or break it. A standard design is uninspiring and can make it difficult to see what potential it has but a modern design will turn the space upside down in terms of what you actually see and feel.
  • Removing Stains From Stone Cladding

    Stone cladding is extremely versatile and flexible which is why it looks just as good outdoors as it does indoors. Despite its stunning appearance, it can still suffer from stains and that can detract from its appearance. However, with some simple maintenance and care, you can keep your stone cladding looking its best.
  • Stone Wall Cladding - How to Hang Something On Your Walls

    Stone cladding can transform the look of your home and give you an interior that resembles a barn conversion or an old cottage. However, more people now choose to add ornamental pieces to their walls but if you have stone cladding, is this possible and what should you do to make sure that you don’t damage your walls?
  • Stone Cladding

    Our stone cladding is ideal for those seeking that rustic farmhouse finish. Thankfully, with today's technology the dream is very much a reality. Gone are the days of having to source heavy stone, strengthening your wall to take the weight or, opting for cladding panels that just don't quite cut it. A simpler way to do that is to add stone slips to the walls of your house. Nowadays stone slips are available in a wide range of variety and also in different colours like grey, buff and, with the weathered finish etc. Therefore, now you can choose which suits you the best according to your needs.