This page has been set up to help you get quick answers to our most commonly asked questions.


What Is Koppestone?

Koppestone is the number one brand when it comes to stone slips. Stone slips are irregular and mixed sizes of stone (ours are not made from stone) used to clad the exterior of your home or create a feature wall within your home.

Koppestone is 70% lighter than traditional stone and 50% cheaper.


How Much Do I Need? 

To work out the amount you need it is best to measure the overall surface for example if it is a large back wall in your living room you would measure the height and then the width and multiply it together.

For example, The height of your wall is 2.4 Meters and the Width of your wall is 5 Meters. You would multiply this together and get 12 Square Meters. The boxes come in 0.8m2 so you would then divide is by 0.8 which gives you 15. Or just send us an email or hop on live chat and we will be happy to assist you. 


Do You Do Panels?

We do not do panels Koppestone is a single slip system which means in your order you will get many various size pieces of stone that can be instead randomly to offer a real stone finish. We do not sell panels as these never look as good as using real stone size pieces.


Where Can I Use It?

Anywhere! Koppestone Stone Slips can be used throughout the home and externally. They do not need sealing or protecting. They are also heat resistant so can be used to surround log burners etc.


How Do You Cut It?

The easiest way to cut stone is to use an Angle Grinder or, A Wet Tile Saw.


Is It Heat Proof?

Yes our Koppestone is heat proof and can be used to surround log burners.


How Much Are Samples?

Our sample packs are £19.99 this is due to the weight and size of the package being sent out weighing between 5-10kg. Samples are also refunded if, you follow up with a full order.


How Do I Order Samples?

To order samples simply head to the product page of your choice. Next to or below the image you will see a drop down box that allow you to select samples. Then simply add to cart and checkout.


How Do They Fix To The Wall?

The nest way to fix our Koppestone Stone Slips to the wall is by using a flexible grade tile adhesive.


What Are The Sizes?

The sizes are completely random from 15cm - 35cm and the depths also completely random exactly as you would find with real stone.


Can I Return My Samples?

You can not return your samples however, if you like your sample and go on to place a full order, your sample for that product will be refunded.


How Long Do They Last?

How long is a piece of string? Koppestone is designed to last forever both internally and externally regardless fo the use.


Do I Need Corners?

This depends on the surface you wish to fit these to. If installing on a completely flat wall then no. If installing on two flat walls that has an internal corner than no. However if you was to do a wall with an external corner you will need corners.


When Will My Order Arrive?

 5-10 Working days is our current lead time for our Stone Walling.


When Will My Samples Arrive?

Samples generally arrive in 3-5 Working days.


Do You Offer Trade Discounts?

We do not offer trade discounts however, we do offer discounts for bulk orders for example those looking to do the outside of their home or, anyone ordering more then 50 Boxes.


Can I Pick Just One Size Of Stone?

The stone is made in 14 Meter runs which means in 14 meters no two stones are the same. These are then packaged randomly so you can not use just a set size of stone.


Do You Offer Collection?

Unfortunately not, these are shipped directly from our manufacturer to you, and they do not offer any collection facilities.


Do You Have A Show Room?

We do not have a showroom but samples can be ordered online.


How Can I Contact You?

You can contact us via our contact page by sending an email, we try to reply to all emails within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can contact us via live chat Monday - Friday between 9am and 4pm.


How Is The Stone Delivered?

The stone is delivered via pallet service so they will come on a pallet in multiple boxes or, one large pallet. We can get between 16 and 20 boxes per pallet. For more details check our delivery policy.


Do I Have To Be In For Delivery?

We do advise that you are in for delivery to allow you to inspect the goods to ensure there are no damages.


Can I Mix Two Different tones Together?

Yes in fact, this is very common for people to choose two different types of stone and mix them together to create an even more natural finish.


Do You Sell Less Then 1 Box?

Im afraid a single box of 0.8m2 is our smallest quantity.


Do You Sell The Adhesive And Mortar?

We do not sell these as, they do not travel well on a pallet.


Do These Come On A Panel?

No, these are all individual.


What Do I Do With Damages?

Please do let us know by taking images and confirming your order number within 24 hours of delivery to


Do You Have A Phone Number?

No, we are ultra modern, so you can reach us on live chat or via email.


Do I Need To Hire A Professional?

We advise it, to get the best finish but most of our customers do opt to install these themselves.


Will I Be Told When My Delivery Is?

Yes you will be notified of the delivery day and the driver may also call you on the day to advise you of a more precise time.


Do You Offer An Express Delivery?

Im afraid not, these products are handmade and custom made for you order so we can not send them any quicker if we tried!


Do You Send Outside UK?

We do not sell outside of the United Kingdom I'm afraid.


Why Is Postage £50?

We actually subsidies our postage. The cost to send a pallet anywhere in the uk is £58 + VAT. This is due to the size, type of courier and insurances. We therefore cover part of the costs leaving £50 for the customer to pay. Orders over 25 boxes do get free delivery.


Do You Offer Returns

No. These are a custom made product and once returned we can not store them or, re-sell them.